Specialty Manufacturing

Decision-making inside of specialty manufacturing relies heavily on cross-departmental participation, involving teams made up of researchers, purchasers, product managers and executive management.  This audience has ample technical information, but little information on how to improve their business savvy. 

Readers of our publications are passionately interested in our specialized content on best practice solutions in the areas of intellectual property protection, better production processes, vendor partnering, regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement.  Our titles provide deep insight and original industry research into better business process solutions for specialty manufacturing that helps our readers improve their ability to succeed. 

Market Profile

  • General Management
    • Owner
    • General Manager
    • Business Manager
    • Corporate Officer
    • Business Development Director
    • Outsourcing Manager
    • Purchasing Director
    • Manager R&D
    • VP of Engineernig
    • Professor
  • Research and Development/Quality Control
    • R&D or QC Director/Manager
    • Chief Engineer
    • Engineer
  • Engineering/Design
    • Chief Engineer
    • Design Engineer
    • Project Engineer
    • Process Engineer
  • Production/Plant Operations Management
    • VP of Manufacturing and Production
    • Plant Engineer
    • Production Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Technical Director/Manager
    • Department Head

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