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Welcome to Chemical Pilot Magazine

If you are reading this, you're part of an elite group. Chemical Pilot Magazine is a new forum for a select group of innovators-research chemists, engineers, business managers, purchasers, product managers and regulators-who are involved in new product development within manufacturing companies. This magazine will not focus on one single "industry". The issues we face are similar in many industries, where new product development relies upon, or significantly involves the use of fine chemicals.

Our misison is to expand our reader's understanding of the factors that drive success in the critical stage between the spark of a new idea, and the milestone of commercialization. 

New product development is the genisis of all future products that drive sales and bottom line success.  For too long, this has been simply one miscellaneous topic covered by industry publications.  Across thousands of manufacturing companies, including yours, product development succeeds or fails on the same fundamental principles.  And while many excellent technical forums exist, little non-technical, business improvement information is available for both the technologist and management that can impact their success.

Each quarterly issue will focus on five key ideas:

  • Staying Competitive
  • Protecting Your Technology
  • Education
  • Government & Policy
  • Emerging Technologies

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